Groups of students, activists, academics, artists or others are welcome to arrange a workshop time alongside their group trip to experience Tate á Tate. The workshop takes place in a location close to Tate Modern and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Please contact [email protected] to make arrangements. Academic institutions will be charged a small fee for the workshop where budget is available.

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Whatever your views are on art and oil sponsorship, express yourself!

If you want to see an end to art's relationship with the oil industry, here we set out some of the ways in which you can act towards that aim. We focus here largely on Tate although many of these actions can be directed at other cultural institutions with links to BP and Shell in particular.

Cultural institutions should not and do not need to continue taking money from polluters like BP. But, they will continue to do so if not enough people take action.

Get involved in the debate
Let cultural institutions know how you feel about their acceptance of oil funding. Feel free to use the evidence elsewhere in the publication opposite to back up your points.
Write to Nicholas Serota Director of Tate and copy in Deputy Director Alex Beard. You will find them listed on the Tate website (click 'About Tate' and Senior Staff are listed under Organisation. Present directors include Dr Penelope Curtis, Director of Tate Britain, the gallery most associated with BP, Rebecca Williams, Director of Development (responsible for sponsorship) and Marc Sands (responsible for Tate's brand and with 'audiences').
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